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What I Would Do In Five Days in Queensland

Now that Pete and I live in Hawaii, the term “traveling” takes on a new meaning. While we’re able to easily travel from one Hawaiian island to the next, it takes a bit more time, effort, and money to travel much further than that.

Some folks might say, “Why would you want to ever leave Hawaii? It’s paradise!”

True — Hawaii is beautiful and we’re lucky to live here. I’m definitely not arguing with that.

However, in the past, I’ve always had the urge to explore and take trips that usually require one of the following:

  • a change of climate or wardrobe
  • a time change
  • a change of culture.

Being so far from the mainland, Pete and I’ve asked each other, “Where should we go next year for our vacation?” Instead of traveling east towards Europe (my natural tendency, since I have such great memories of my travels there), we’ve actually talked about heading west instead. We figure it’s a smart idea, since the time difference would affect us less and we’re closer to these locations than we’ll probably ever be. With these things in mind, one place that came to the top of the list was Queensland, Australia (the highlighted region of the map below).

Queensland map

Queensland, Australia has many things going for it, and a lot of activities to satisfy a variety of travelers. If we had five days to spend touring around, here are some of the things I’d be interested in doing — and places worth exploring — when visiting this vacation spot.

Fitzroy Reef Lagoon


With pictures as beautiful as this, how can a traveler not be drawn to it? I’ve read that this part of the Great Barrier Reef is the least spoiled and least traveled — two great perks, as far as I’m concerned! In addition to seeing the natural beauty, and exploring one of the great wonders of the world, it would be pretty spectacular to snorkel along this part of the world with my husband. Imagine the kind of sea life we’d see!

Wine Tasting Near Brisbane

Wine Tasting

Enjoying a region’s gastronomic treats is always a highlight on any vacation. Having attended several wine tastings in other regions of the world (France, Spain, and Washington, Oregon, and California in the States), this would be high on my list of fun, memorable, and low-key experiences.

Spa Retreat at Silky Oaks Lodge

Silky Oaks Lodge

One of the key things I like to do while on vacation is decompress and relax. It seems like spending time at a spa, especially one located in a pristine environment like that of Tropical North Queensland, would be a good way to do that. Doing yoga while overlooking the winding Mossman River, partaking in daily walks through the rainforest, and simply enjoying each others’ company while in a beautiful landscape seems like a winning combination to me.

Taking a trip like this would undoubtedly create some fantastic memories to ponder on for years to come. Have you been to Queensland before? What are some of your recommended things to do there?

Image credits: Underwater turtle, Queensland map, Fitzroy Reef Lagoon, wine tasting, Silky Oaks Lodge

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