“Wait…it’s Christmas already?”

Tonight is the first night this season that I’ve intentionally listened to Christmas music.

All of a sudden I looked at my advent calendar on my wall (purchased during Katie’s and my visit to Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany) and saw that there were 6 days until Christmas. How did that happen? How did the time pass so quickly that Christmas is just around the corner without me even noticing?

Granted, this fall has been full of travel and other things to preoccupy myself, but it still caught me totally off guard.

Tonight was the night of my company’s Christmas party (check out our awesome holiday campaign site) and I noticed a few things. Mostly, there’s baby fever in the air, lots of people my age are married and have a family, and it made me want those things. When I returned from Argentina, it was like someone physically bumped me (I literally paused and had to take a deep breath) when I realized that when I meet Mr. Right I will want to have kids. I’m not sure why that shocked me the way that it did, but it mostly made me realize that I probably won’t want to be married for a long time before starting a family.

To me, waiting to do the things that inspire me, that I love, or that I feel passionate about until I meet Mr. Right seems really weak. Why should I wait to do these things? I remember having numerous conversations with Katie about this a while back, and I didn’t really understand what she was saying when she talked about this with me. She didn’t want to wait to do certain things, and although at the time it didn’t make sense to me, now — a few years later — it absolutely does. It’s crystal clear!

When I returned from my Argentina trip I realized that I am ready — I am ready to meet people, experience new things, and embark on exciting adventures. Although I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions, I may have a few things on my radar for next year that involve traveling to new places, doing more things I’m passionate about, and going back to doing things that simply make me happy.

Who can argue about pursuing those things?

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