Very Worthwhile Hike

The hike was amazing! Ember and I went to Cape Lookout (one of her family’s favorite camping spots) with our backpacks, yummy lunches, and super-white tennis shoes. The backpacks and lunches were spot-on perfect, but we should have known better than to have worn clean shoes on a hike in Oregon after the rain.

The trail was actually pretty uneven and rugged, so we had to be fairly certain about our footing, but the views were well worth the effort. We made it to the end of the hike (to the lookout point) and were welcomed by low-lying ocean clouds. I’m sure the view is spectacular on a clear day (I hear you can see the grey whales!) and even on a misty/foggy day like when we went it was still really pretty. I just love being outside and being active, so our Hike Day was two-thumbs up in my book.

Photo credit: OregonRVCampgrounds

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