Two Lovely Cities

There’s a section of Portland that I walk through every morning on the way to Starbucks. Since I’ve been getting up super early to to the Bar Method (my new favorite workout), I get ready at the studio in the Pearl, walk to get my coffee, and then head to work. This section of town reminds me of Paris in a way that I’ll try to describe here.

There’s numerous things that say “Paris” to me: the little French brasserie next to Jamison Square, the people walking their dogs for their early morning potty breaks (for the dogs, not the people), and the quiet bustling of a city just waking up to start the day. Besides just the visual cues, the feeling that I have as I walk to the cafe is what probably reminds me of Paris more than anything; it’s a feeling of possibility, of having a beautiful summer day ahead of me, and of living the life I envision in my mind.

When Katie and I were in Paris during the summer, we got lost in the city streets, traipsed through the numerous parks, and popped into quaint little cafes for our coffee breaks. I feel this same type of wanderlust when I meander through the street in the morning; my steps are lighthearted, I smell possibility in the air, and I feel like I’m starting a fresh vacation day (instead of a work day). It’s truly a joy to start my day this way, despite all of this is happening before 8am.

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