Top Three Babymoon Destinations on Oahu

[A babymoon] is just like taking a honeymoon except you’re pregnant… the purpose is to have one last ‘hurrah’ as a couple… before baby arrives. ~Wikipedia

When people consider places to go for a babymoon, Hawaii routinely tops the list of possibilities. I can see why: the weather is unbeatable, the ambiance is unfailingly romantic, and for many folks (particularly those living on the west coast) it’s easily accessible from the mainland. My husband and I wanted to take advantage of our living situation (living on Oahu) and spend one weekend in August acting like visitors, treating ourselves to a babymoon before our firstborn baby arrives in September.

Since we’re taking a babymoon somewhat late in our pregnancy (in the last month), we weren’t able to consider island-hopping to one of the neighboring islands. I’ve heard that Maui and Kauai are popular babymoon locations, which makes sense considering that these are also top honeymoon destinations. (Perhaps after the baby is born we’ll take a long weekend and explore one of those islands with the latest member of our family.) Oahu has a lot to offer, and there are many places on the island worth considering for a romantic trip away for two.

Ko’Olina Resort

Located on the southwest side of Oahu (known as the leeward side of the island), Ko’Olina is a popular destination for those wanting a bit of peace and quiet away from the bustling downtown area. Multiple resorts actually sit side-by-side, adjacent to a lovely walking path that takes guests to various lagoons; these lagoons are great for snorkeling, stand up paddling, and swimming. There are golfing, spa, and cultural activities arranged through the resorts, and numerous restaurants, coffee shops, and bars within walking distance.

Ko'Olina Resort, Oahu, Hawaii

My husband and I actually attempted snorkeling here at Ko’Olina a few weekends ago, but I unfortunately wasn’t as capable physically as I had hoped. Despite this, however, we still had a great time exploring the various lagoons, people watching, and sunning ourselves like the friendly green sea turtles that are so popular in this area.

Ko'Olina Resort snorkeling 31 weeks pregnant

If we had our pick, we would stay at Marriott’s Ko’Olina Beach Club. When we walked by the various hotels, this one seemed the most groomed, adult-centric (not as many kids stayed there, from what we saw), and romantic. The other hotels appear beautiful as well, but for a couple wanting some alone time, full of romance, staying in a place with other like-minded adults seemed more appropriate than a resort designed with families and kids in mind (like the Aulani Disney Resort & Spa).

Downtown Waikiki

Despite being in the heart of the city, and the throbbing pulse of downtown city living, I’d be remiss if I didn’t note Waikiki as a great option for a romantic getaway. There are too many great hotels to note all of them, but a few that stand out as solid contenders are: The Modern Honolulu (we’ve stayed here before and had a great experience; there’s an adults-only pool and easy access to Waikiki Beach via a walking path from the hotel), Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort (one of the largest resorts along Waikiki Beach, there are plenty of pool, restaurant, and entertainment options depending on your preferences and budget), and The Royal Hawaiian (known as the “pink palace” for its pink exterior, it’s one of the oldest and most prestigious hotels on the island and has played host to numerous celebrities and heads of state).

Turtle Bay Resort

Turtle Baby Resort touts itself as the only destination resort along the north shore, and for good reason — it’s a single hotel with several championship golf courses, spas, restaurants, seasonal events and activities, and a plethora of land and water sports for guests to enjoy. The nice thing about this resort is that, since it’s located in a pretty remote part of the island, once you arrive there, you stay there. There’s no need to get back in your car to get a bite to eat or pick up anything you forgot to bring; you can simply relax and enjoy all of the resort’s amenities.

Turtle Bay map

We’ve visited Turtle Bay a few times since we’ve been on the island, usually treating it as a break spot while taking a Saturday road trip around Oahu. Even on a semi-cloudy day (which is was that last time we were there), it’s still 80+ degrees, picturesque, and a good place to enjoy a lunch alongside some surfers.

Turtle Bay North Shore surfers

As a matter of fact, this is actually the resort we picked for our babymoon. After looking at our options, and what we wanted to get out of our mini-vacation, Turtle Bay stood out as a great spot for us. We’ll be taking our babymoon in a few weeks, and I’m super excited for it!

Images credit (top to bottom): Ko’Olina, Jet Set With Mary, Turtle Bay Resort, Jet Set With Mary

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