The Portland Twilight Criterium

As I exited my building tonight en route for a nice walk around the block, I stepped into a big surprise: the Portland Twilight Criterium bike race!

These racers careened around the corners, and as I took the picture above two racers actually crashed directly in front of me. Scary! Both racers got back up and continued racing, albeit with torn shorts from the fall and some road rash.

While standing on the sidelines watching these bikers sprint the straightaways and slow down (slightly) for the turns, I was amazed at the amount of wind these bikers generate. I stood there in my sundress, and as they flew by me my hair and dress were blown back by their draft!

My evening walk was highlighted by this unexpected, happy surprise. I’m so happy to live in Portland, particularly here in the Pearl. Every day is full of possibility, and an adventure lies around every corner.

Image credits: Jet Set With Mary

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