The Beauty of Valley of Fire

North of Las Vegas by about an hour is a fantastic state park called Valley of Fire (one of the oldest and largest parks in the state of Nevada). If you’re in town, and need a break from the Strip’s hubbub and general debauchery, this is a great little respite.


As far as first impressions go, mine were very good. The rocks really are that red and orange, and the colors are so rich that you want to jump out of the car and snap pictures around every curve and bend in the road. Luckily, I wasn’t driving and had plenty of opportunities to take some quality photos. This area has a rugged, Wild West sort of beauty, and the adorable wildlife, like the antelope ground squirrel below, add to the charm of this area.




There are lots of neat little stops along the drive through the park to pique a variety of interests. For me, I was particularly drawn to the cabins built by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) as shelter for people passing through the area in the 1930′s. They were so cute, with fireplaces and little stone steps leading up to each of the three doorways.


Throughout the park you’ll see hieroglyphics, too, from Native Americans that used to live in this area.


I’d like to go back to the park when it’s a bit warmer out, which should be easy to do in a few month’s time. There are numerous hiking trails located throughout, and it would be interesting to start out really early one morning and watch the sun rise over the colorful rocks.


For your viewing entertainment, here’s a short video with pictures from the park. Enjoy!

Images credit: Jet Set With Mary
Video credit: Valley of Fire from guillaume garrigue on Vimeo

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