The Aspen Is A Lovers’ Tree

“And the wind full of wantonness
Woos like a lover
The young Aspen trees
Till they tremble all over.”
~Thomas Moore

Along the Fish Creek Falls hike in Steamboat Springs stand a countless number of Aspen trees, many of which have been marked or engraved by passing hikers.

From what I saw, most of these markings were done by lovers or in the spirit of romance. Although I don’t condone defacing trees, I liked what I saw while walking by: messages of love from one person to another. I found these markings terribly romantic, and like that these love notes withstand the test of time. I obviously don’t know if the people who made these carvings are still in love, or even together, but I like to think that they are.

Those who know me well know that I’m a hopeless romantic, and these trees — with their messages of love — made me smile.

Image credit: Jet Set With Mary

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