Simple Pleasure: Finding Firewood

Simple Pleasure: Finding Firewood

Pete and I both enjoy having a warm fire burning in the fireplace.

We embarked on numerous wood-finding missions this fall to ensure that we had plenty of wood in our woodpile come winter. Our weekends were spent driving around post and picking up logs from fallen trees, or going to the refuge and cutting down thick branches that looked about the right size for firewood.

Keep in mind that Pete’s goal this year was to cut all the wood by hand — no chainsaws allowed. All of this wood was cut by a handsaw or an axe. Since I wanted to keep my extremities and not ax-identally (ha!) hurt myself, I played cheerleader to Pete as he played Paul Bunyan.

Pete Firewood


There’s something so welcoming about a bright fire. It’s a simple pleasure, and one worth enjoying.

Image credits: Jet Set With Mary

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