Simple Pleasure #4: Social Invitations

As the odd woman out here in Spain, I’ve really come to appreciate any invitation that comes my way to do something social. This might be joining the Argentinian at the beach bar for a cup of coffee to practice Spanish, going to a coworker’s house for dinner, or tagging along on a hiking excursion with people that I have yet to meet.

There’s a particular standing invitation that just makes me smile. A group of girls (from the oldest class of students that I teach) has invited me to join them during their weekly Wednesday coffee outing. It’s something that they do every week, and during my first week in the school they invited me to hang out over a cup of coffee. Since this is a year of “yes”, I happily accepted their invitation.


We talked a mix of Spanish and English during the 3-hour coffee date. During school hours, I’m required to speak to them primarily in English (as part of my contract) but after school hours I’m free to chat with them in Spanish. It was a great way to have an unofficial intercambio (language exchange) in a non-threatening and super friendly environment.

These girls really warmed my heart by their openness and desire to make me feel welcomed. It’s amazing how something as simple as in invitation can make a girl smile.

Image credit: kluskizmakiem via Tumblr

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