Ringing In 2013

Perhaps it’s because Pete and I will be spending much of the upcoming year in a Hawaiian paradise that’s inspired me to put together a bucket list for 2013.

I’ve never been a fan of making new year’s resolutions. It never made sense to me to wait for a specific date to make goals; why not make them whenever you’re inspired? Instead of putting together resolutions, I’ve opted for a different kind of list for 2013: Fun Things To Try in 2013.

2013 New Year

Some of these made the list because I’ve wanted to do them for a while; others are here because they’ll force me to stretch myself and live outside my comfort zone. I love a good challenge!

  • Complete a triathlon. Note: Swimming isn’t my forte, so this would be a HUGE accomplishment for me.
  • Do a home DIY project. Pete bought me a used piano for my birthday this year and, when he bought it, this gem was painted a light shade of Army green. I’d love to refinish it (perhaps in glossy white?) and reupholster the piano bench (in a bright chevron stripe) so that it suits my general style a bit better.
  • Explore — and I mean really explore — Hawaii. I’ve read so any articles about can’t-miss activities to try or see or do, and I’m really excited to explore our new island home. (For those of you who watched the ABC series “Lost”, it was filmed on Oahu; Pete and I both watched the series, and can’t wait to see some of the locations where it was filmed!) I anticipate that there will be many blog posts in 2013 that focus on Hawaii’s many attractions and charms. Things like trying hula dancing, attending a traditional luau, and eating the amazing local fair are all things I’m gung-ho to do!
  • Learn how to surf. I tried surfing my sophomore year in college and ended up breaking my pinky finger in the process. Despite this injury, though, I loved it! Since the ocean temperature in Hawaii will be more like bathwater and less like alpine runoff, I bet it will be much more enjoyable.
  • Take a formal honeymoon. Pete and I have yet to take our official honeymoon. Although we’re not sure where or when this would be, I’d be happy if our honeymoon was somewhere in Hawaii (perhaps on a different island? a romantic, secluded resort somewhere?).
  • Climb a volcano. Although this tag teams onto exploring Hawaii, this just sounds pretty gnarly, doesn’t it?

Let’s see how many of these we’re able to check off this Things To Try in 2013 list. Any suggestions on fun things to add? What are you going to try this year?

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