Portland Trail Blazer Fandome

My best friend, Ember, is a huge Blazers fan. Since she doesn’t usually watch the games live, it was especially fun to treat her to a game last week!

Her and I don’t go to that many games together. Schedules are tough things to line up, and it seems like hers and mine don’t always mesh well. They did this time, though! We’re talking about getting season tickets for next year, because we both love attending the games so much! For her, I think she genuinely loves the team, the players, and the Trail Blazer franchise. Me, I like the boys (they’re cute and fun to watch), the live sporting event atmosphere (the energy and general ambiance pumps me up), and the sense of community the game fosters (people coming together to support each other).

Blazer fans are an incredibly loyal group of people, and so crazy! I love the energy and passion these fans have for their home team. It reminds me a lot of the exuberance that soccer fans have in Latin American countries. Okay, poor comparison — nothing compares to those types of fans — but you get the idea. These fans have PRIDE and a hunger that’s hard to come across.

Lately I’ve been going to a lot of Blazer games. Here are some things to note:

1. The people wearing Blazer gear could sport something so much cooler. Hence the reason behind my new business side project. More to come on that once we launch the site.

2. Beer and Blazers are synonymous — they just go together.

3. A super-cute couple got engaged on the JumboTron at the last game I saw. It was so sweet! I know that sort of proposal isn’t up some people’s alley, but I thought it was great. You should have seen how surprised the girl was — priceless!

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