Planning Our Second Trip to Kauai

We essentially got rained out during our last trip to Kauai in February (which I’ve since learned is the wettest month of the year to visit the island). As such, we knew we wanted to return to the island in the near future and experience its beauty with sunnier skies and drier ground.

We are having our Kauai “do-over” in two weeks. This time around, we’re staying in a beachfront cabin on the western side of the island, which is near some of the hiking that we’d like to do in Waimea Canyon. (The last time, we stayed along the North Shore and had a difficult time venturing out more than 20-30 minutes from our hotel with the baby since we were trying to get her in a new sleep schedule.)

Kauai | Jet Set With Mary

Since the weather will most likely be 100% sunnier, I’m excited about doing the following during this trip:

Hike a portion of Waimea Canyon. Our little one will be nearly one year old for this trip, and is the perfect age to sit happily in the hiking backpack while the adults explore the various trails and hiking opportunities. Alternatively, hiking part of the Kokee State Park would be great, too.

Take family photos on the beach. My parents will be joining us during this Kauai trip, and snapping some tropical, beachfront family photos would be a wonderful keepsake of the trip.

View the beauty of the Napali Coast (along the North Shore). I think it would be really memorable to see the beautiful landscape from a catamaran, since hiking the Kalalau Trail might be a bit intense for a one year old.

Attend a luau. Would you believe that I’ve lived in Hawaii for a year and a half and have yet to attend a luau?

Explore the island’s natural beauty. Named “the Garden Isle”, Kauai is one of the most picturesque Hawaiian islands, lush with gardens, exotic flowers, and relaxing waterfalls. Perhaps exploring one of the botanical gardens or coffee plantations will end up on our list of things to do and see.

We’re really looking forward to the anticipated relaxation and family time together. Can’t wait for our Kauai do-over!

Map credit: Google Maps

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