Our Army Life: PCS to Hawaii

When you marry an Army man, you learn very quickly that the military uses acronyms. A lot. For just about everything.

For example, when you get orders to a new station, you start the process of moving from one post to the next. They call the actual move a “PCS”. PCS, short for Permanent Change of Station, is usually used as a verb. Example:

Pete and I are PCSing to Hawaii. We PCSed to Hawaii from Oklahoma.

Wait, did you just catch that? We’re moving to Hawaii! That’s right, we got our orders last week to go to Fort Shafter in Honolulu, Hawaii.

I thought I was excited to embark on our next adventure, but Pete was even more excited than me! In fact, he insisted that we go to Hobby Lobby and deck ourselves out in the most bright and vibrant tropical leis that we could find to get into the Hawaiian spirit.

Mary and Pete Leis

Okay, maybe that’s not 100% accurate. We were both excited, not only to leave Oklahoma, but to begin our married life together in a more permanent location. We should be there for three years if all goes according to plan. We should have more information over the next few weeks; as of right now we will be in Oklahoma until mid-January. Pete must report to Fort Shafter by mid-February, so we’ll be spending part of January finding a new home and familiarizing ourselves with our new surroundings on the island of Oahu.

Perhaps my time living in Spain on the island of Mallorca was meant to prepare me for island living in Hawaii…

Image credits: Jet Set With Mary

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