Howitzer Crossing Sign

Our Army Life: Common Sightings

Living on or near an Army base means that you see certain things that you might not normally see.

Like a crossing sign for a howitzer. When I asked Pete if I could drive the car down the road with that sign, he gave me a funny look and said, “No, that road’s only for howitzers…” Hmm. Really? I guess I’m just a rule breaker.

Or, tons (well, more like tens) of chin-up bars in a cluster. When Pete goes off to morning PT (physical training) at 6am, they’ll often have lots of people doing PT at the same time, so they need lots of these stations to accommodate all of the folks working out.

Chin-up Bars

A field full of historical cannons. Fort Sill is a main base for field artillery and air defense artillery, and there’s a large field of display cannons that were used in the past.


For someone that hasn’t had a lot of exposure to Army life yet, these sightings are so novel to me. I’m sure every base will be different, with unique features that will catch my eye. Looking forward to seeing what’s out there!

Image credits: Jet Set With Mary

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