Oklahoma City’s Bricktown

Oklahoma City has a part of town that reminds me a bit of the Pearl in Portland; it’s called Bricktown. Knowing how fond I am of the Pearl, Pete thought it would be fun to visit this part of Oklahoma City.

Bricktown Oklahoma City

Bricktown went through a revival of sorts back in the 1990s. The previously industrial brick buildings that housed freight operations, newspaper offices, and warehouses were transformed from their neglected, abandoned state and turned into a thriving, historical destination. The picturesque canal is a lovely background for the numerous outdoor restaurants, cafes, and bars. Pete and I took a meandering walk along the pathway that parallels the canal, and enjoyed playing tourist.

Mary Bricktown Oklahoma City

This outing was a great way to explore an unfamiliar city close to our new home. It reminded me how easy (and accessible) it is to take little trips like this and still enjoy the sense of wonder and intrigue that travel creates.

Image credits: Jet Set With Mary

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