New Friends

One of the takeaways from my trip was actually totally unexpected.

I anticipated spending lots of time by myself, and was looking forward to the alone time. Little did I know that this wasn’t in the cards for my time in Argentina. It was so easy to meet people in Buenos Aires and at the estancia, and the people that I met were such fun! I ended up spending a great deal of my time with them, and less time on my own like I originally expected. This was such a pleasant surprise!

In Buenos Aires, I met a great Swiss couple (Stephen and Steffi) who are a great pair. They were so easy to get along with, and I instantly felt like I had known them for a long time. We toured the city together, enjoyed some good ojo de bife (rib eye steak; yes, I tried red meat while in Argentina), and experienced the energy and soul of a live soccer match (between River Plate and Estudiantes).

I also met a lovely girl from the Netherlands, Tina. She was traveling throughout the country solo and had just started her trip when I met her in our hotel. She is a frequent world traveler and already has numerous adventures under her belt. She really inspired me to do more traveling on my own, and to not be afraid to go wherever my heart desires.

I arrived at the estancia just as the sun was setting. As I was driving down the driveway, I passed the group of guests going on the evening horse ride. This was my first glimpse at Alex, Alex, and Fuzzy. Alex and Alex (Alexander and Alexandra) are newlyweds that were spending the final days of their honeymoon on the estancia. They’re from Washington D.C. and the second group of Americans that I met on my trip; not a lot of folks from the States were in Argentina as far as I could tell. They were so welcoming and friendly, and I knew we’d get along once girl Alex started talking about how much she enjoys playing games. “Scrabble anyone?”

Fuzzy is another gem that I’m so thankful to have met. As the second solo female traveler I met, she was such a fun partner in crime to have while on the estancia. She was great company to keep while playing bocce ball, laying by the pool, reading, or passing the day by good conversation.

The final group of guests that I met at the estancia were three couples from Toronto, Canada. What a lovely group of people! We enjoyed plenty of wine, massages, tea and cake, and excellent conversation. Sharing time with a relaxing group towards the end of my trip was exactly what the doctor ordered. I would not have wanted my trip to end any other way.

I realized, as I traveled solo, that so much of an adventure like the one I took is contingent on the company of those around you. And my adventure, without a doubt, was enhanced and made more meaningful by the great company, conversation, and experience that these people provided. For this I will be grateful!

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