My New Home: Alcúdia, Mallorca

Earlier this week, I learned what city I’ll be living in on the lovely island of Mallorca: Alcúdia. From what I’ve read, this is a beautiful resort town on the northeast corner of the island, about an hour’s drive outside of the capital of Palma.

This resort town is a very popular destination for English-speaking holidaymakers (isn’t this a fun, British word?). This area is mostly visited by Brits, Germans, and Scandinavians. Needless to say, I will fit right in! I don’t know how I got so lucky, but I truly feel blessed to have been placed in this little corner of the world. More details to come as I learn them.

For now, I know that I’ll be in a primary/secondary school near the old town section of Alcúdia. This city could be separated into two different sections: the old town and the port. The port is traditionally where the holidaymakers stay; the vacation apartments are newly constructed and they’re right alongside the beach. I’m not sure if many tourists stay in Old Town, but it will pretty neat to work right outside a town with an official city wall.

The main tourism site for Alcúdia has a lot of great information for holidaymakers (I’m going to use this new word a lot): info on ecotourism, cultural excursions, and beach/sport activities. Needless to say, the pictures I’ve found online for Alcúdia look amazing.

Again, how did I luck out and get placed in paradise?

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