My Buddies, Blaze & Jerome

Today was a blazin’ good day!

During lunch today, Kelsey and I meandered towards Pioneer Square looking to get some fresh air and a break from the office. We walked into a fun, Blazer atmosphere!

My boys (okay Ember, OUR boys) are in the playoffs right now (1-1 with the Phoenix Suns currently) and so the Trail Blazer marketing team was in full force downtown getting ready to pump up the city for the first home game of this first-round playoff. The past two games have been in Phoenix, and tomorrow the Blazers return home for a warm welcome, and a hopeful W-I-N.

We received an Uprise! window poster from Blaze (the super-cute Blazer mascot — what is it about large stuffed critters that I find attractive? I like the walking stuffed animals at Disneyland, too!) and had Jerome Kersey sign them. Do you see how large and bright Jerome’s smile is? I think we had a moment… Such an eventful lunch break!

Hooligans has turned me into a total Blazer nerd/fan. Love it.

Go Blazers!

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