Memorial Weekend in Omak

What a great weekend to be in Omak! Mom, Dad, and I spent the long weekend together back at home, and we lucked out with good weather when we needed it.

Omak hasn’t really changed that much. Wal-Mart is still the place to see and be seen. The Breadline is still the best place in town to have a good meal and, as Mom found out, a great Cowgirl Lemonade. The golf course is still Dad’s home away from home. And “going to coffee” is something that you can actually do outside when the weather cooperates.

One thing that I did during this visit was check out the new Rockwall Cellars vineyard. What a great place to have in our little town! The wine there was fabulous, and the folks in the winery were so friendly and helpful. Mom and I went there one day and really enjoyed ourselves. I’m looking forward to opening the bottle of wine that I bought there with Ember this week.

It was actually nice enough a few of the days to sit outside with either our beer or our wine and enjoy the beautiful evening sky. That’s probably one of my favorite things to do when I go home: sit outside on the back patio with a drink in hand and rock in one of the chairs. Dad and I even had an impromptu game of HORSE on the basketball court after dinner one night — and I won! ;)

This spring has been so rainy, even in Omak (which traditionally doesn’t see much rain). We saw sun when we wanted it, though, and had rain when it didn’t really matter. The day that Dad and I went golfing I actually got sunburned! When Mom and I went hiking at Sun Mountain, however, we got poured on! I know you can’t really tell how drenched we were in the photos below, but let it suffice to say that Mom’s hair looked like she had just stepped out of the shower, and our shirts were both soaking wet. The chocolate and coffee we had in Winthrop afterward were well earned; this hike was tough!

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