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Managing One’s Expectations

Since this blog is primarily travel focused, I’ve resisted publishing primarily family-related posts here. (Those sorts of posts live over here on our family blog, Mary + Pete.)

Having said this, I want to note that I’ve been a bit disappointed with my posting regularity on Jet Set With Mary since we moved to Hawaii in April. Back in January, when we received confirmation that we’d be living in paradise, I created a list of things I was so excited to try this year while in Hawaii. This list was written before I found out I was pregnant, and after we learned that we were expecting it was obvious to me that tackling some of the items on the list (like completing a triathlon, climbing a volcano, and learning how to surf) would need to be postponed. Not a big deal, but somewhat disappointing since I was pretty stoked about accomplishing these things!

I also had this grand idea that every weekend would be spent finding hidden gems throughout the island, and that I’d be able to physically do all of things that I wanted (like hiking, snorkeling, swimming, etc.). One might say I underestimated the limitations that can come along with pregnancy, and instead of pushing myself to “check items off my to-do list”, I’ve listening to my body and have done things that feel comfortable (and not obligatory).

When I look back on the past four months, I realize, too, that my husband and I haven’t exactly had a ton of “down time”. I’ve been back to the mainland for work and pleasure 3-4 times, and the weekends that we’ve shared together here have been spent getting settled into our new house, preparing for the baby, and resting. While this isn’t an excuse, it does help bring some perspective on why posting has been a bit sparse as of late. I tend to be a bit demanding of myself, and set my own expectations pretty high, so when things don’t quite go as planned I try to remind myself of these things:

It’s okay to make adjustments along the way.
It’s the journey that matters, not just the end state.
You’re doing the best you can.

I’m curious how our travel adventures will change once Baby Girl Bier arrives. How will motherhood affect me, not only as a traveler but as a woman? How well will we integrate the baby into our lives, activities, and travels?

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