Living in the Moment

“Yesterday is but a dream. Tomorrow a vision of hope. 
Look to this day for it is life.”

There have been several moments lately when I’ve paused for a moment, taken a breath, and realized that a lot has changed in my life over the past year. While all of these changes have been made willingly, hopefully, and with high spirits, it’s still been quite a whirlwind.

When my life is in flux, and things around me are changing or new, I’ve found it’s much easier to live in the moment and be ‘present’. It was easy to be present in Spain and during my time in Europe, as I knew that my time there was limited and finite. I tend to embrace change and live more in the moment when I’m jet setting around the world than when I’m in my normal, everyday routine.

Regardless of the reasons why this happens — less stress, more free time to simply ‘be’, and new stimulation — living in the moment, and appreciating the beauty around me, is something that helps me feel like I’m actively living life and not simply existing. This distinction is important to me, and I place a lot of value in choosing a life well-lived and full of adventure.

Right now, I’m struggling to bring that sense of wonder and joy I feel while traveling into my everyday life. I realize that this restless struggle is something I control, and that it also has quite a bit to do with attitude. My life is full, blessed with wonderful friends and a loving family; there are many things for which to give thanks. It would be amazing, though, to be a full-time jet setter — the act of roaming, seeing new sights, and experiencing new places makes me feel alive unlike anything else. Luckily, wonderfully random things happen in Portland all the time (like the bike race outside my house a few weeks ago), and I’m always so pleasantly surprised when I come across them!

Maybe over the next few weeks I’ll purposefully deviate from my routine and see if this helps me recover some of my wanderlust. It certainly couldn’t hurt.

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