Lanakai Pillboxes

Lanakai Pillboxes

There are only so many boxes you can unpack and floors you can clean before you say to yourself, “It’s time for a break!” As such, Pete and I decided to treat ourselves to an outdoor hike near the house.

A friend recommended a local hike along the Lanakai Pillboxes. Pete and I clawed our way up the first part of the hike, using the trees and ropes to help us ascend the steep part of the trail. I was huffing and puffing by the time we reached the first pillbox, and the views that greeted us in every direction were a rewarding surprise. Imagine 360 degree views as far as the eye can see. Just beautiful.

Lanakai Pillbox

The mountains behind me are the Koolau Mountains, and our house is tucked up right against the base of them.

Lanakai Pillbox2

Lanakai Pillbox3

The pillboxes along the trail were reportedly built between WWI and WWII as observation posts (to alert the onshore military batteries of any threatening ships) and have since been abandoned by the military. We explored the inside and outside of these abandoned shells, which are now used more frequently as a canvas for spray painting teens than anything else.


You can see the Mokulua Islands behind Pete; you’ll see people kayaking out to them, although apparently they’re further out there than they appear.



Pete gives this hike a thumbs up, and so do I.


We only had our iPhones on us for this hike, and I wish it would have captured the lush colors so visible along this hike. Another site, Unreal Hawaii, published a great blog post about this hike with impeccable pictures. Check it out to see some beautiful imagery.

Top image credit: Unreal Hawaii
Remaining image credits: Jet Set With Mary

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