Jasper & Banff Itinerary

The family is getting geared up and excited for our big, Canadian road trip. We’ve got our accommodations arranged and a rough itinerary laid out. Here’s what we’re looking at thus far:

Days 1-3, Banff
Juniper Hotel and Bistro
There are so many things to do in Banff, and my guess is we’ll simply do whatever we feel inclined to do that day. A few people that I’ve talked to have simply raved about how wonderful this area is for outdoor activities, so I’m excited to experience this firsthand. Maybe I’ll treat myself to a new Lululemon top so that I’ll look cute in all of the pictures that we’ll take!

Days 4-6, Jasper
Pine Bungalows
These bungalows are more rustic than a traditional hotel, and we’re all excited to be a bit more connected to nature while in Jasper. These cabins have most of the regular amenities (like beds, plumbing, electricity, and a mini-kitchen), so we’ll all still be very comfortable. The reviews from the people who have stayed in these cabins talk about the deer, elk, and other animals that meander right through the cabin grounds.

Days 7-8, Location TBD
We’ve intentionally left the last few days open so that we could be a bit more flexible with our driving and touring schedule. We may decide to spend additional time up in Jasper, or want to take our time getting back down to Spokane for Katie’s and my return flights home. One of these days will be my birthday, so we’ll play it by ear to see what we’re game to do.

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