In Portland or Paris?

“Whoever does not visit Paris regularly will never really be elegant.”
~Honoré de Balzac

In Portland, there are little pockets that remind me of Paris in many ways. There’s a small street that I walk through whenever I walk from my house to the cinema, and each time I do my mind wanders to the streets of Paris.

This is a narrow, one-way avenue that’s a single block long; it’s short, small, and might not be a blip on your radar if you didn’t know about it. The flower baskets are full and ripe with blooming buds, and the only sounds you hear are of an infrequent passing vehicle or the live music drifting out of a quaint French bistro.

This place is called Brasserie Montmartre. I’ve been there several times and enjoyed it immensely. When I joined a friend there for a late-night cocktail, we were pleasantly surprised to arrive just as a live band was starting their set. I don’t recall the name of the band, but they played lovely jazz music with a French twist.

If you’re looking for a temporary departure to Paris, check this place out and order a glass of the house red or un cafe au lait.

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