Good Energy

Back in town after a lovely Christmas holiday with the family in Vegas. So great to see the family!

We are so lucky to have each other, and to appreciate the time that we have together. I savor every moment that I spend with my family since I see them so infrequently. If Mom and Dad, or Katie and Paul, lived near me I would hang out with them all the time! I have friends who are fortunate to have family close by, and it seems like a totally different life — to incorporate family into your everyday routine. Such a luxury! Photos from the holiday to follow in a later post.

Today I spent some time clearing out my iPhoto library in addition to unpacking my suitcase from the holiday (Mom, you’d be so proud — it was done before noon!). I’m getting rid of lifeless and uninspiring energy to pave the way for new energy to make its way into my living space. I recall writing about this kind of energy in an earlier post, and how our lives are like vacuums: when we remove negative or old energy in our environment (this could be emotional energy, physical energy, etc.) we create a space for something new and positive to take its place. My closet has more space as does my iPhoto library; I’m also recreating the energy in my bathroom by redoing it with new decor. Right now, I’m totally diggin’ the spa-like feel and atmosphere; I want my home to be calm, peaceful, and serene, and hope that small changes create this aura bit by bit.

The tone and ambiance of a room are important to me, and lately I’m drawn to the luxe starkness of black, white, and silver. I think these are a good base for creating appealing environments, and you can dress this combination up numerous ways; it’s got a sense of quiet sophistication about it that I adore. Here’s a bathroom photo that inspires me:

My furniture color of choice right now is black (or black-brown), and my apartment is slowly adopting this color into most of my rooms. Regardless of whether you’re winding down from a long day at home, or taking in a cocktail with friends after work, there’s something about a location’s ambiance that I find incredibly important. Each of us has a choice in where we choose to go or frequent; I would choose to go to a place with amazing ambiance any day of the week over a run-of-the-mill, ho-hum kind of place.

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