Giving Thanks from Mallorca

This year’s Thanksgiving celebration was especially unique. I celebrated the holiday with a fellow American teacher (who lives down in the southeast corner of the island) and her close circle of friends; these friends also teach English in the Felanitx and Portocolom schools.

After working in my school on Thursday, I drove down to the seaside town of Portocolom. Meghan’s house is well-equipped for having guests and parties, so it was the perfect place to have a Thanksgiving Day feast.

There were two Americans (myself included) and 14 Spaniards (or Mallorquines, depending on who you ask) around the dinner table, and the combination of our cultural backgrounds, multiple languages spoken, and conversation topics was pretty spectacular. All of the guests seemed to enjoy themselves, and as the night wound down, and we drank the Spanish beer and wine, the feeling that came over me was the same feeling that I get at home when I’m with my family during holidays like today: contentment, joy, and gratefulness.

Top image credit: Google Maps

Remaining images credit: Jet Set With Mary

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