Getting Into The Holiday Spirit

Getting Into The Holiday Spirit

Our first Christmas together as a married couple. Something to celebrate!

This is also the first year I’ve ever had a real Christmas tree! Growing up as a kid, we always had a fake tree that we took down out of the rafters every year, so going to a tree farm to pick out a tree was a treat for me. (Had we been in an area like Portland, I think Pete would have preferred to go out and chop down a tree from the wild, but since pine trees aren’t native here in Oklahoma, that wasn’t going to happen.)

Mary Christmas Tree Farm

Pete and I ended up having an impromptu arts-and-crafts session once we returned home from the tree farm. (The tree we took home was a Fraser pine from Kirkland, Washington — holler to my Washington peeps!) We took home several extra tree boughs from the farm, as Pete thought a festive wreath on our front door would be a nice touch to our decor. Once we started crafting, we both got into it! We both fashioned the wreath together, and with the extra boughs Pete whipped up a pretty swag for the front of the house.

Mary Wreath

Pete and His Swag

Pete and I both commented on how it didn’t feel like Christmas yet, because outside the temperatures were hovering around 75-80 degrees (we’re experiencing a heat wave in Oklahoma right now, hence the warm air). Pete was wearing shirtsleeves while hanging the lights, and I was wearing my flip flops while picking out our tree! Since we’re both from areas that either had very cold weather or snow in December, decorating for Christmas helped us get into the holiday spirit despite the heat.

Pete Hanging Lights

Fireplace Mantle

And in case you were wondering, “Is that a growling bear statue on the mantle?”, you are correct. If you know Pete, you know that he has a fascination/fondness for ferocious animals. This was one of his decorating contributions when we moved in together. Strangely enough, after awhile, it grows on you (not growls at you). Ha!

Growling Bear

Image credits: Jet Set With Mary

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