Frontier Army Days at Fort Sill, OK

Imagine my surprise, while driving on post at Fort Sill, to see an army soldier dressed up circa 1865 walking along the Old Post Quadrangle.

It was as if I had traveled backwards through time.

Or, alternatively, as if I came across a festival held yearly called Frontier Army Days.

These men are part of the Oklahoma Historical Society, and each year they and volunteers depict the lives of army soldiers during the Victorian Era (shortly after the Civil War ended in 1865). Various stations are set up within the quadrangle: infantry, artillery and soldering duties, laundry, healthcare, and domestic needs were some of the ones depicted. The cavalry station was my favorite.

Cavalry horses Army Frontier Days 2012

Frontier Army Days is an annual, 3-day festival held in October at Fort Sill to help educate the public about life in the army in the 1860-1870s.

Top image credits: Fort Sill Media Archives
Bottom image credit: Jet Set With Mary

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