Far Away Lands

Today as I was out hiking and enjoying the cool, crisp air, the memory of several European adventures came to mind. I think I’m remembering these things now because the last time Katie and I went to Europe it was near Thanksgiving. She flew to Michigan from Vegas, I flew to Michigan from LA, and we met there to catch our overnight plane to Paris. I thought about this trip and the one we took in 2005.

Katie, the Killers, and Greece. Anytime I hear a song by the Killers, this specific picture comes to mind.

Hiking in the Alps, seeing and hearing the avalanche across the valley, and walking into the town of Murren by way of rolling fields at the end of our hiking trail.

Eating Thanksgiving day dinner at Neuschwanstein, Katie eating too much holiday chocolate on the way home from Rothenburg ob der Tauber, and all the exercise we would get walking around Munich.

Sitting in a little Parisien cafe drinking wine near the Eiffel Tower and nearly missing our train (what is it with us and catching trains in Paris?), Katie and her oh-so-European yellow scarf look, and taking a break in the little coffee shop outside of the Louvre (by the way, there’s a cafe here in Portland that I went to last week that reminds me SO much of this place) where Katie and I took a coffee/pastry break.

I think that I miss not only traveling but spending time with my sister. It was so much fun to have a trip like these to look forward to each year with her. It has been a good time to travel because we don’t have families or the kinds of responsibilities that come with time. I think it’s time to have another cultural adventure…South America maybe?

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