Dijous Bo in Inca

At school yesterday, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that our afternoon classes were canceled due to Dijous Bo, or Good Thursday, in the nearby town of Inca. When asked if I wanted a ride there from a fellow teacher, I thought, “Why not?” So, off we went toward Inca.

In case you haven’t noticed this yet, Spanish people love an excuse to have a party or street fair. It’s so great! While walking around, I ate a delicious chicken empañada and resisted the urge to splurge on the ensaïmada.

In one of my classes, the students and I were talking about animals native to our areas. A student told me about the Mallorcan black pig (cerdo negro mallorquín in Spanish), and the timing of this discussion was actually perfect, because at Dijous Bo I saw the pig! From what the student told me, this particular pig’s meat isn’t any different than other pork, it’s just a pig native to this area.

It seems like I’m always drawn to the animals, regardless of which country I’m in. This must be evidence of all the farming blood in my family’s history. In Argentina, it was the horses, and here in Mallorca it’s whatever animals are nearby. At Dijous Bo, I found myself drawn to the animal section of the fair, and just loved seeing the miniature horses, donkeys, and chickens. 
Some things have no cultural or territorial boundaries; children will still be fascinated by farm animals, shoppers will still want to find a good bargain when shopping for goods, and much of the daily schedule is still dictated by mealtimes. “Good Thursday” was in fact good, and I’m glad I experienced the afternoon Mallorcan-style.

Images credit: Jet Set With Mary
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