Day 2: A Dream-Like Walk

This morning, as I followed the main street that takes you to the gardens and parks, I felt like I had walked into one of my most beautiful dreams. The jacaranda trees are in full bloom right now, and the smells and appearance of the parks are just breathtaking. I am so lucky to be here taking in the sites. Even though I’m away from home during the Thanksgiving weekend, I am most certainly counting my lucky stars and feeling thankful for so many things.

One of the gardens that I walked through first (there are many) was the Rosedal Park. It’s one of the few that doesn’t allow dogs, so you can walk a bit more sure-footed than you can in some of the other parks. I was crossing a beautiful Greek bridge, and tried using my self-time on the camera to capture the moment, when a nice gentleman and his girlfriend offered to take my photo for me. So nice! He saw what I was doing and said he wanted to help so I could be in some of the photos that I was taking.

Since today was so hot and humid, I could only walk around the gardens for about four hours. It was mid-afternoon by the time I started drifting towards the museums, and I was just pooped! The sun and heat totally took my energy away from me. I figured that I can come back to the gardens when I’m a bit more rested or when the weather isn’t so bad (early morning or evening time) to explore some more.

Fue un dia hermosilla!

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