Capturing Details in Photographs

When wandering around new places (or even our normal surroundings for that matter), it’s important to notice and appreciate the details. Since I carry my camera and iPod Touch around with me on most days, I try to capture these small moments through pictures. Here are several that I particularly enjoy.

Mr. Bulldog
Along the road from my school to a nearby coffee shop are several homes with large patios. On one of these patios sits an adorable bulldog. Every day that I pass this patio, the glorious grin (some might say he actually looks somewhat grumpy) on this pup makes me smile back at him! How could you resist a face as endearing as his? He’s a very cooperative model, too, if I must say so…

Siesta in a Bougainvillea Vine
Further into Alcúdia, away from the school, are beautiful, peaceful streets perfect for strolling off your mid-deal meal. This photo was taken during such a siesta, and the bougainvillea poured over this wall in such a way that I simply wanted to lay down in the middle of it and take my nap there (instead of in my house). In this quiet, solitary moment, I felt like I was a time traveler taken back to the early 20th century in search of small-town European beauty…

Mallorcan Moon
During an evening walk along the water in the port, I looked up and saw a cloudless sky illuminated with a brilliant moon. The night air was cool, and seemed to match the color of the icy, blue heavens. I like the juxtaposition of the palm tree — normally associated with sunshine and warm days — and the moon; this was a spontaneous shot and I’m pleased with the result. It almost has a retro, California vibe to it.

Images credit: Jet Set With Mary

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